Marilyn Fallon Equine Portraits
13268 Polo Club Road A-104
Wellington, FL 33414

Marilyn, your paintings and drawings are beyond the best dream. You continually capture Valiant’s expressions and bring him to life on canvas. He now lives in every room of my home at the barn, in my wallet and in my heart. Many, many thanks.

Cork Corkran Saddlery
Cork's Stitchin' Horse
(Authorized Verhan dealer and expert saddle fitter)
Box 43
Stilwell, KS 66085
Cork's Stitchin Horse

Too many laughs, too little time. Cork, thanks for standing beside us for all these years. Your support and friendship can’t be put into words. Thanks, partner.

Verhan Saddles
Bernardo Vergara
GiGi Hanover
6675 NW 135th Ave
Morriston, FL 32668
Ocala, FL

Thank you GiGi & Bernardo for providing me with your saddle. It gives me the sensitive and critical seat position and placement with which to guide Valiant in his quest to find balance. I feel a part of him. Thank you.

Larry Joyner, Trainer
948 North Ontario
Burbank, CA 91505

Larry, Valiant knows your voice. He perks his ears, cocks his head and either bows, smiles or waves. You are a gentle soul with a gentle way about you. With trust, all is possible. Thank you.

Dr. Frank DiBussolo
PO Box 341 or
2643 Terrwood Dr. West
Macungie, PA 18062
610-780-2131 (cell) 610-914-8313 (o)

Frank, Thanks for adding our other partner, music. It takes three elements to take it to the next dimension. Too much fun!

The Video Guys.
Rhett Savoie & Lu Spinks
1526 Red Pine Trail
Wellington, FL 33414

Rhett, Thanks for capturing the ever-important moments on our journey. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks for being our friend and supporter.

Gary Fellers, Valiant’s Human Dad

"He’s not lame, is he?" You were right; he wasn’t lame so I guess I’ll just train him. Thanks for being the first to give me the idea that I could train Valiant myself and then for all the continuous encouragement, support and unconditional love.

Dennis E. Brooks DVM, PhD

Valiant has brought together an incredible circle of friends. Even though you couldn't help Valiant, God willing, he will be able to help you to help other horses. We are all here to help each other grow and give back. Thanks, Dennis.

Ron & Kathy Vanderhoef, Valiant’s Wyoming friends – Thanks to both of you for your inspiration. You told me to take it further; this horse is "a special messenger with a very special message."
Joe McCloskey, Valiant’s farrier – Thanks for keeping Valiant in healthy and happy feet. You’re always there when we need you, with a smile and always with a joke. You‘ve become a great friend to us. Thanks, Joey.
James Morgan, Valiant’s ground work trainer – "Watch his ears" and after all these years I still do. That direction has kept me healthy and atop many horses besides Valiant. Your horsemanship was vital to our success. Many thanks.
Gary Rockwell, Valiant’s dressage advisor – We have learned so many skills working with you. Your classical training and encouragement has taken us to a new level. Thank you.
Enoch Cifuentes, Valiant’s groom – Enoch, I can always trust you with Valiant. You care for him as I would. When I’m not here, you are, a comforting thought. Thank you.