What is Uveitis?
When the inside of the eye becomes slightly or mildly inflamed, it is termed "uveitis". The uveal tract of the eye contains the eye's blood supply. When the inflammation spreads to other parts of the eye (whether caused by infection or other causes) and becomes extremely severe, it is termed "endophthalmitis". This is what Valiant had. When all parts of the eye are inflamed, it is termed "panophthalmitis" and generally requires surgical removal of the eye to reduce the severe pain.

Valiant's troubles began when he stepped on a horseshoe nail. Despite prompt veterinary care, a raging bacterial infection developed in his bloodstream and other organs that nearly killed Valiant. Various powerful antibiotics including Penicillin were utilized to treat this overwhelming and potentially fatal infection. The bacteria in the blood also migrated to the inside of his eyes. The eye has weak defense mechanisms against infection. Aggressive therapy for this 'endophthalmitis' could not prevent the destruction of Valiant’s eyes and the subsequent blindness.